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Mehdy NESMON: A Luminary in Multimedia Graphic Design, UI Concept Designer, Film Editor, Art Director, Juror and Professional Trainer. My intentions are steered by my artistic passion: drawing, painting, writing, music production, graphic design, photography, web design, and audiovisual work. Indeed, the urge to create was evident from a very young age, starting in 1991 when I was just 14 years old. The digital revolution of our era made me conscious of the tools at my disposal. Over the years, many of us have sought to express our emotions on media in so-called academic formats. Being self-taught, it was around the 2010s that norms for those who used digital tools for music and arts were established. Therefore, it’s not surprising to find similar services across the board.

What I offer you beyond these is authenticity. By respecting your wishes and the project specifications, you can be assured of my professionalism, speedy execution, and unique style influenced by my diverse experiences. Despite the rates of each of my activities, we can negotiate a plan for long-term contracts. Indeed, a structured collaboration is always better. Here, I guarantee the exclusive utilization of my talents for your service. A productive framework can only enhance my creativity.

Indeed, my status as a self-entrepreneur allows me to work under contract (including salaried) while continuing my business. With your creative work protected by confidentiality clauses, it is a rigorous approach that will allow us to achieve our goals serenely. Being adept at communication, you should know that marketing strategies evolve parallel to technological advancements. Keep this in mind when assessing your reputation or that of your brand, without necessarily drawing comparisons. The communication work will hence interact based on the process in harmony with your aura. So, patience or congratulations for your conversions.

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